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Android application in health sectors, is an IT company, Working on android application in healt sectors.


  • Providing complete web solutions

  • To develop, implement, convert, export, import, manufacture, distribute, sell, buy, alter, exchange, maintain, let on hire and otherwise deal in computer software, hardware and other similar equipment

  • To conduct research, design, develop, engineer, alter, exchange or process in any manner manufacture (whether directly or by sub-contract), either as principal or agents, import and export, sell or rent machinery and equipment of computer as also sub-assemblies and all other parts and components hereof as on independent or integral activity, related to data processing and other related equipment

  • To render Services to companies in india and abroad in the area of Software development, E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet Technology, Communication Industry, and Industries Business and activities facilated directly or indirectly by Information Technology or Internet Technology

  • To manage and function systems integration services for both hardware and software, networking services, hardware and software support services

  • To advise and render services like technical analysis of data-electronic data processing, preparation of project reports, surveys and analysis for implementation of projects and their progress review critical path analysis, organization and methods studies and other economic, mathematical, statistical, scientific and to undertake assignments, jobs and appoints and to to enter into any contracts in relation thereto

  • To establish and operate data and information processing centers and bureaus and to render service to customer in India and elsewhere by processing their job at data processing centre and giving out computer machine time

  • To hold seminars, courses, business conference for training in computer operations, data entry operation and other activities related to computers within India and abroad to enable people to develop their computer skills thus providing them with better opportunities in the industry, either singly or in collaboration with any other organization, institution, body corporate


Anurag Agarwal