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OKM Pvt Ltd. offers Party Time, It is an innovative processes and services driven technology based online business platforms. It’s ingenious and novel in its area of application and has high potential for leaving an impact on the modern society.

Party Time India is an online, one stop center for all the events management needs, aim is to create an experience that goes beyond expectations through our online and offline services with Business to Business (B to B) and Business to Customer (B to C) services. Fueled by passion and Innovative ideas, Party Time provides customized, strategic experiences where customer will connect with different brands and products/services related with events. It is very structured market for business entities like event manager of every scale (like Artist, Musician, Entertainers and decorators etc.), hotels and restaurant owner, bakery and flower shop owner, as customer could connect with them at just one click.

Each and every event organizer, event managers [every scale like Artist, Musician, Bands, etc.], restaurant, hotels and pub owner, bakery owner, flower shop owner and those who are associated with events can join platform through making profile on it, and share this platform to connect with their customers to enlarge their business and Party Time India portal with the help of its associates (event managers) is to arrange all type of events/ parties at any scale.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Major work of this online portal is to provide all information, requirements and solutions regarding every type of Event/party and its online booking.

  • . Customer can also get information about available Artist, Musician, Band, Decorator, Caterer and other event managers and real time booking of their schedules.

  • Customers can also get information of current and upcoming Offers /events in Clubs Restaurants and can book online for their favorite one.

  • Here Party Time India is providing a structured online market where customers can order a range of products like bakery products, flower products, gifts and booking of restaurants table in just one click.