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Nainpur Hydropower India Pvt Ltd

Smart irrigation system

The smart irrigation system is developed for lifting the water from canals, rivers with the help of flow of water for the irrigation purpose. The best point of this system is that there is no need of any fuel and electricity to lift the water and at the same time minimizes the economic cost. The flow helps to move the wheel upto 10-12 rpm. It can lift the water upto 15 feet from ground. The total weight of the product could be approximately 200 kg.

Components of the Smart Irrigation System

  • Smart Irrigation System stand

  • Water Wheel Adjuster

  • Water Wheel with bearing

  • A gate to divert/close water flow from wheel to other side

  • Coupling with clutch lever

  • Gear Box

  • Coupling

  • Pump/mechanical output

Nainpur Hydropower in media

Nainpur Hydropower working