The minimum eligibility criteria set up by TIIC for the application for incubation through the institute are :

  • An incubator nursery programme initiated by one or more members of academic staff, students or alumni of one of the institute or faculty-student led company.

  • A start-up company formed by one or more first generation enterpreneurs.

  • R&D division of existing Enterprises

The Ventures addressing developed product/services, leveraging on technologies having homology in the institute shall be incubated by start-up units – preferred for residency in the order listed above. The standing screening committee in the institute on pre-defined criteria appraises each incubation proposal and the business plan. Except the incubator nursery programs where fund shortages during incubation progress are cosidered by the committee to be met as loan/seed funding, other start-ups are expected to meet the fund requirements from own sources.