About the Summit

Technology innovation and incubation Centre is organizing 2nd IT entrepreneur’s summit from August 21-22, 2017 at ABV-IIITM, Gwalior

This two day summit will have technical sessions on entrepreneurship challenges in different sectors and opportunities in Gwalior and nearby region, Role of IT in making smart entrepreneur for smart India, Government initiatives for supporting the innovations and entrepreneurial ideas, Besides this, a Regional Competition will also be organized jointly with Indian Innovations Association (IIA) for the selection of finalist Innovators for INTERNATIONAL, INNOVATION FAIR, scheduled to be held at Visakhapatnam for 9-11th September , 2017. Only registered participants can present their ideas and get the chance to interact with the successful entrepreneurs as well as industry and academia experts. The finalist selected for IIA International Innovation Fair-2017 will be with a chance for incubation in TIIC with the incubation support and cash prizes too. Participants can registered after pay registration fee of Rs. 500/-(Rupee Five hundred only) (inclusive of summit kit, tocken of lunch, tea/coffee and certificate of participation). Participants may send the abstract (in 500 words) of idea/innovation related to any product/process/design to coordinator@tiiciiitm.com latest by 16th August 2017 19th August 2017.Seats are limited and registration will be based on first come first serve basis


Every commercial giant started as a spark or as a whisper in an entrepreneur’s conscience. Every successful commercial institute started as a new venture and every product started as the finest gem of an idea in someone’s imagination. By and large we all have good ideas, but relatively few of us have the drive, energy and skill to promote and develop those ideas and to visualize them through commercial execution. Entrepreneurship is the science and the art of setting new ventures in motion. Rapid induction and proliferation of IT has changed the entire arena of commercial world and with the commencement of information technology (IT) in entrepreneurship, it has changed all the aspects of world to a great extent. IT contributes to the entrepreneurship in different ways.

There is a wide gap between an idea and a successful venture. It can only be bridged by a commitment to every opportunity and promoting it in a better user based environment and quality based commercial spheres of influence. Every idea needs a platform for its need, feasibility, validity, and practical application to meet the requirement and expectations of widest user base available in the society. Today the IT based entrepreneurship covers a wide spectrum of social requirements and thus demands a wide variety of aspiring ideas to meet the mass expectations in changing socio-economic environment.

Thus, TIIC, ABV – IIITM, Gwalior is organizing this summit to facilitate the budding IT entrepreneurs with a platform to learn and showcase their innovation in the field of IT entrepreneurship. Promoting IT entrepreneurship at such a wide scale, across institution and colleges can churn out many skilled and motivated entrepreneurs to step out and address new developmental needs of society. Participated IT entrepreneurs will be provided with an opportunity to rejuvenate their knowledge related to IT based entrepreneurship and pedagogy with the latest academic practices in the field made available to them at ABV-IIITM Gwalior.

Mission and Goal of the IT Entrepreneurship Summit

The mission of the summit is to support budding IT entrepreneurs to share knowledge, information, and summit with big IT enterprises by providing high quality, convenient, timely and affordable access and foster entrepreneurial culture.

Since it's inception, a host of organizations, professionals, academicians and networking partners within india and across the globe have been closely associated with the initiatives of TIIC.

Since it's inception, a host of organizations, professionals, academicians and networking partners within india and across the globe have been closely associated with the initiatives of TIIC.

Objective of IT Entrepreneurship Summit

The main objective of this summit is to contribute into development of IT entrepreneurship activities in institutions and social level which will help the nation at large. There is a strong link between the continuing development of the budding entrepreneurs and institutional development. One of basic objectives of TIIC organizing this event to impart skill and knowledge through institutional platform, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior to entrepreneurs, students and professionals from visiting colleges and companies. This summit will provide a solid base for economic development using the verticals of knowledge. TIIC encourages entrepreneurship and promote it mainly:

  • B-Plan Contest
  • HR Challenges and need of new startups
  • IT enable business model/ entrepreneurships
  • Paradigms shift from monotonous to interdisciplinary technopreneuirs.
  • Path of incubation to commercialization.
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Translating “Jugad technology” for social engineering

Why IT-Entrepreneurship?

We believe that timely access & availability of information and resources to the entrepreneurs is the key to success. This summit will play multiple roles at various stages of inception and growth of IT Entrepreneurs, e.g.

  • Real life experiences of IT entrepreneurs can inspire both entrepreneurs to build commercially (or socially) relevant interface and entrepreneurs to champion the cause of IT driven business.
  • Compilations of local and regional information including information of potential mentors, financiers, service providers, suppliers, and customers can be a great resource for any start-up.
  • This Summit will compile resources to support not only the entrepreneurs but also their mentors and planners (faculties) in realizing the common goal of setting up entrepreneurial ecosystem for India.

TIIC aims for organizing this summit in Gwalior keeping in view the recent infrastructural development, existing industrial potential, connectivity of the region with the main land and available technological base for producing technically qualified task force- which is a primary requirement for IT development. The institute seeks it as an opportunity to expose our micro and minor entrepreneurs to ongoing trends and unite them for their clustered development in the newly incepted IT development program undertaken by the state Govt.

Who will be the target audience?

  • Students and budding IT entrepreneurs
  • Software developers/ coder – innovation in service delivery
  • Others: IT professionals and students from other institutions in Gwalior