For Incubation

Application form for Incubation at TIIC

Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

This does not have to be a legal entity. In case you are not a Private Limited company, you'd have to incorporate before TIIC funds you.
Please include country code if you are applying from outside india, else provide a 10-digit mobile number only.
In the video please introduce yourselves, explain what you're doing and why, and tell us anything else you want to about the founders or the startup.

The video should be 1-2 minute long and should be uploaded to YouTube. mark it as unlisted rather than private if you dont want others to see it.

We want founders talking spontaneously about themselves and not the product or startup, please dont read a pre written script. Before submitting the video, please check everything is working and we can hear the sound.

Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex.
Please use the same format as in case of founders. If you do not have employees/interns, please mention none
A demo could be a website, mobile application. Please also provide the username/password to access.
Include other notable companies in the broad field.
We will love to know any research you have done to figure out the size of the market.

Upload it on Google Drive and share the link.