IICT-2018: Concept

In the last few years, the Government at centre as well as in state has laid a great emphasis on Computerization of Government departments and its services with an objective to have a better reach to its citizen. Major computerization projects currently underway in different sectors. Motivated from such Government initiatives at state as well as national level especially through Digital India, Smart City, Startup and Standup India, we have planned to organize a conference for the IT professionals (Academicians as well as Researchers), scholars, startups and smart citizen for smart cities of Madhya Pradesh. IT has revolutionized almost every corner of our surrounding either in forms of products or services. Seven cities of Madhya Pradesh have been included in the list of 100 cities of the country which would be developed into smart city. Government at state as well as central level in the last four years, have attempted its best to transform the India into digital India. Hence, its citizen, officers, industries, government, media etc. should also be smart first to accept these changes. We also need sociologists to contribute on the associated risks of such changes and suggest the best path of making it more meaningful for the society.  The event will provide platform to the researchers to interact under one umbrella for further development of efficient and secure information processing technologies. Efficient and secure data sensing, storage, and processing play pivotal roles in current information age. The state-of-the-art nanoelectronic technology based hardware systems cater to the needs of efficient sensing, storage, and computing. At the same time, efficient algorithms and software used for faster analysis and retrieval of desired information are becoming increasingly important. Bigdata which are large, complex datasets, are now a part of the Internet world. Storing and processing needs enormous amount of structured and unstructured data, are getting increasingly challenging. Areas are not restricted but a kind of open platform for IT or IT enabled services and product related research discussion